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Dent Parish Council - July 2016 Minutes


To be presented for acceptance at the Parish Council Meeting on 01 August 2016

Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Tom Stafford, Geoffrey Woof, Rita Corpe, Jenny Pilgrim, Danny Smith, Martyn Knapton and Ian Mitchell.

District Councillor Mel Mackie.

The meeting opened at 7.30pm.

Councillor Dalton welcomed the three new councilors to their first meeting.

Councillor Dalton then advised the meeting that a book had been published by the History Society regarding the Battle of the Somme. The records show that a young man named Parrington Dixon, who lived in our parish, gave his life at the Somme at the age of 21 on 01 July 1916. Councillor Dalton felt it was appropriate to have a minutes silence in memory of Parrington Dixon and all those who gave their lives at the Somme. A minutes silence was observed by all.



Apologies for absence:

Apologies were received from County Councillor Nick Cotton and District Councillor Kevin Lancaster.


Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the meeting on 06 June were received and approved. Councillor Dalton duly signed a copy.


Declarations of Interest:

Councillor Martyn Knapton – Item 12.1 – In relation to the planning application at Hill Farm. He works for the company who had submitted the application.


Clerks Report:

The clerks report was submitted and accepted. Further information was given regarding:

Item 1 Bridge Repairs – The clerk had now received a reply from Peter Hosking, Cumbria Highways advising that:

A trial panel of pointing work had been undertaken on Cowgill Bridge some time ago. Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority did not accept the first trial panel and this has been redone. Cumbria Highways have a small amount of work to complete on the trial panel this week, after which we will resubmit it to YDNPA for approval. Assuming that approval is given works will then be able to proceed on Cowgill bridge. 

The coping stones on Stonehouse Bridge require replacement. A coping stone from the bridge will be taken to our stone suppliers this week to produce a sample. We will deliver this sample to YDNPA for approval as soon as it is available. Again, once approved, we will be able to proceed with ordering replacement coping stones and progressing the repairs to Stonehouse Bridge.

There are multiple works required on Barth Bridge – pointing from 2014, a vehicle strike in 2015 and flood damage in 2015. It is planned that all these works will be delivered by 1 contractor before the end of September 2016.

It was noted that we must ensure that CCC stick to this plan of works and ensure that these bridges are repaired as stated. It was noted that nobody at CCC seems to be dealing with contract compliance.

John Hyde asked that County Councillor Nick Cotton be present at the next meeting to explain why CCC do not have an adequate plan to deal with minor impact damage.

It was resolved that the clerk would make representations to the Chief Executive at CCC and copy Tim Farron, Local MP in. It was further resolved that the clerk would provide District Councillor Mel Mackie with a complete list of all outstanding highways and bridge repairs and copy him in on all future correspondence with highways, in order that he might take this up.


Item 4 Parking at Dragon Croft – The clerk advised that residents seemed to be complying with the request not to park at the very top of the green in the area marked Keep Clear. However the owners of Witton House still continued to park in resident’s spaces despite being requested not to do so as they are not full time residents. Councillor Graham Dalton queried this as he thought they were full time residents. Councillor Dalton to check this.

Item 8 Timber Movements – The clerk had an email reply from Rob Lewis at highways advising that the tractor and trailer that had been seen driving through the village twice was not an official removal of timber. However, without further details it was not possible to find out who this was.

Item 11 – The clerk had received a reply from Peter Hosking at CCC advising that he had instructed his team to contact the clerk directly to advise when this work will be completed.

The clerk also advised that he had received a short report from PCSO Mandy Coleman advising of three logs of note from the Dent area. All had been dealt with by police and no action required by the council.

Two notifications had been received from YDNPA regarding planning applications going before the full committee. One was for Overdale and the other for Deepdale Chapel. Concern was expressed regarding the application for Deepdale Chapel. It was resolved that Councillor Tom Stafford would represent the parish council at the Planning Committee.


Chair and Member Announcements:

The councils congratulations were offered to the Music and Beer Festival committee for another successful festival. Councillor Rita Corpe wished to request that cones be placed all down Beech Hill for next year’s festival as a number of cars were parked in such a way that traffic was obstructed. A milk lorry had spent 15 minutes negotiating the bend at the bottom of Beech Hill and if this were an emergency services vehicle it could be dangerous. It was noted that the police cannot currently supply cones. It was resolved that the clerk would write to the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner regarding the availability of cones for events like this.


Cllr. Dalton then advised that the Parrington family would be willing to make a donation of £500 towards the cost of a new bench at Gawthrop, however they would prefer a more central location for the memorial for a family member, Discussions about a bench on the playing field took place but it was felt that the bench already there was in memory of someone who had dedicated themselves to the football club and it was not appropriate for another bench to be placed there. The clerk suggested that the bench next to the play are on the village green did not have a memorial attached to it. It was resolved that Cllr. Dalton will continue discussions with the Parrington family to find the best resolution to this.


Cllr. Dalton had also been trying to establish the current position surrounding the Lyon Equipment site. He advised that three parties were currently expressing an interest in the site and one of the likely uses would be Outdoor Pursuits. It was advised that Lyon Equipment had been in contact with South Lakeland Business Development who had advised that they required the building to be demolished at Lyon’s own cost before they would consider anything further, Cllr. Pilgrim advised that she intended to have a meeting with District Councillors Mel Mackie and Kevin Lancaster to bring all the information together. However, a meeting with Lyon Equipment, potential buyers, District Councillors and South Lakeland Business Development was suggested. It was resolved that Councillor Dalton would work to arrange this meeting.


County and District Councillor Announcements:

District Councillor Mel Mackie expressed his anger that information was not being imparted to him by South Lakeland District Council as an elected representative. He requested that all future correspondence be copied to him by the clerk.


Public Forum:

Graham Fraser asked what had happened to the Parish Plan which addressed things such as Farming and Tourism. Mr. Fraser asked how the council expected to engage with South Lakeland Business Development without a plan. Councillor Dalton advised that the plan was considered around 12 months ago but that there was not the manpower to renew it at the time. It may be possible to revisit it now that we have three new councilors.

Heather Fraser wished to note that the agenda for the meeting had not been posted on the Cowgill notice board. The clerk offered apologies for this as he thought that the agenda had been emailed for posting on the notice board but that this was not the case.


Hyperfast Broadband for Dentdale and Garsdale:

The report from David Pilgrim had been circulated to everyone. Cllr. Pilgrim offered further information including that there had been digging above Peasghyll in recent days and that digging would soon begin in Cowgill. John Feltham was currently obtaining wayleaves for the stretch between Church Bridge and Dockra and David Pilgrim was obtaining wayleaves from Dockra to Newby Head. Cllr. Pilgrim also advised that there is a place left on a course in September to learn how to “blow fibres”. This was a free course.

Graham Fraser asked the councils views on how the news that BT are to provide fibre commercially and EE are providing 4G technology affects the B4RN project. Cllr. Pilgrim advised that this was what had happened several times before in that BT comes in commercially to areas where B4RN are providing service. It will be up to individuals to choose which supplier to go with. These developments have no impact on the B4RN project which will carry on.


QES Bus:

The clerk had been sent a report detailing the costs for the coming academic year and funding already in place. Costs for the year are £5700 and there will be 8 children using the service with parents paying £600 per child (£4800). A further £1000 had been pledged by Dent Grammar School Foundation meaning that theoretically all the costs were covered for the coming year. However, concern was raised that the project needed to be sustainable for the future and should any child drop out of the scheme then it would fail. There was much discussion regarding providing a grant to assist this project and several suggestions were put forward.

It was suggested that this discussion should continue after hearing the financial situation at Item 13.


Draft Woodland Management Plan:

The clerk advised that at present there was no official Transport Management Plan for this scheme. The clerk had emailed Rob Lewis at CCC who advised that whilst no official plan had yet been drawn up the most sensible approach would be to remove any timber on small lorries via Sedbergh. It was resolved to support the scheme subject to a satisfactory Transport Management Plan.



First Responders BBQ:

A request had been made by the Dentdale First Responders group to use the playing fields for their annual fundraising BBQ.

It was resolved to allow the group free use of the playing field and pavilion for this popular event.


Cllr. Mitchell advised that the pavilion would need cleaning before the event.


Hedgerow Cutting:

It was noted that there was already a lot of growth in the hedgerows and that driving conditions were already quite difficult. If nothing is done before September then the chances of an accident greatly increase, particularly with the increased number of cyclists in the area. The Parish Council is unable to get the hedgerow cut at the same rates afforded to the County Council and so this was not a viable option. There was a lot of discussion regarding who could cut the hedgerow and when and the council recognised that the farmers cut their own hedgerow with CCC cutting the grass verges. It was the verges that were protected because of the Flora and Fauna. It was noted that most of the flora and fauna had now disappeared because the verges and hedges were so overgrown.

It was resolved that the clerk would approach CCC with a view to getting the hedges cut as early as possible from a safety point of view and that there needed to be a re-assessment of the timing of this work going forward.



Finance and Budget monitoring to end of Q1:

The clerk presented a report detailing the Income and Expenditure for quarter 1 of the current financial year and the current balance in the bank.

Further discussion then prevailed regarding the QES bus and the amount the council should be offering to the project.

It was resolved that the Parish Council will underwrite the cost of two children leaving the scheme in the coming academic year to a maximum of £1200. This amount will reduce by £100 per month (i.e. The parental contributions for two children) that the scheme is running. It was felt that this would guarantee the security of the scheme for the coming academic year.



Payments for authorization:

Scott Thornley (Clerks Expenses) £5.00
EON (Car Park Electricity) £21.66
EON (Street Lighting Quarter 1 2016/17) TBA
United Utilities (Car Park Water & Wastewater May & June 2016) TBA
John Hyde (Car Park Consumables) £7.00
Cale Briparc (Ticket Machine Maintenance Contract 2016/17) £770.14

Invoices were not received from EON for Street Lighting or United Utilities for Car Park Water and Wastewater.

It was resolved to approve all of these payments.




15.1 Applications

S/01/187A at Hill Farm, Cowgill, Dent - full planning permission for installation of EE telecommunications apparatus; ancillary equipment cabins; fenced compound; area of hard standing and new 30m access track

F106300 – Tree in Dent Conservation Area - Removal of one Lawson cypress at the Methodist Manse, Dent.

S/01/36H at Walnut Bungalow, Dent – Amended plans full planning permission for erection of extensions to existing house.

15.2 Decisions

S/01/36H at Walnut Bungalow, Dent – Granted with Conditions

It was resolved to support all of these applications.



23.1 Close:

The meeting closed at 21.20


23.2 Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Monday 01 August 2016 at 7.30pm in the Sedgwick Room, Dent.


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