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    Welcome to Dentdale

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Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Tom Stafford, Geoffrey Woof, Rita Corpe, Danny Smith, Martyn Knapton and Ian Mitchell.

The meeting opened at 7.30pm.


Apologies for absence:

Councillor Jenny Pilgrim

County Councillor Nick Cotton

District Councillors Kevin Lancaster and Mel Mackie


Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the meeting on 01 August were received and approved. Councillor Dalton duly signed a copy.


Declarations of Interest:

Councillor Martyn Knapton regarding Item 14.1 – Planning application for communication mast at Low Chapel.


Outstanding Bridge Repairs:

David Lang from Cumbria County Council was again in attendance and gave the meeting the following update:

Stonehouse Bridge - David advised that he hoped to have the walling completed by the end of September. He has already spoken to YDNPA regarding all 4 bridges and hopes to have samples approved ASAP. YDNPA have not allowed the sample approved at Kirkby Lonsdale to be used to approve work on all bridges as hoped. Instead they have requested a separate sample for each bridge. David is still pursuing the coping stones with the stonemason. He hopes to have this completed by the end of October as it may be done without the use of scaffolding in the river. The question was asked about how many coping stones were needed. David was unsure of the exact number as it was unclear how many could be salvaged.

Barth Bridge – An underwater diving contractor has attended to examine the scour. This work, along with the repairs to the parapet will be completed by the end of September subject to EA consent to erect scaffolding in the river. The question was asked whether the section of wall just before the bridge that was demolished during Storm Desmond would be rebuilt. David seemed to think this was the responsibility of the landowner as it did not retain the road. There was some discussion as to whether it did retain the road and David was to check on his way out of the village.

Cowgill Bridge – EA consent to erect scaffolding has been sought and is due back by the end of next week. Completion is expected by end of September but this is subject to Coffey’s who have been appointed to carry out this work.

Church Bridge – David was hopeful that this work would not require a sample panel as the work to be done was so small. He hoped this would be completed ASAP.

David further advised the Millthrop Bridge was to be inspected ASAP but it was thought to be not as serious as first advised.

Some discussion took place regarding parts of road that were being undermined by rivers and other waterways around the dale. Local resident John Ashton advised that he had written to Cumbria County Council on numerous occasions regarding the road adjacent to his field just West of Barth Bridge. It was resolved that the Clerk would collate all such information and pass it to David Lang with as much detail as possible.

David was thanked for his attendance and input and he left the meeting.


Clerks Report:

The clerks report was submitted and accepted.

Further discussion took place surrounding:

Item 2 – It was noted that the Verge Cutting had taken place in some parts of the dale but that it was of an inferior quality, in that large chunks of the verge/hedge had been missed due to the vehicle travelling too quickly. It was resolved that the Clerk would make a complaint to CCC and ask that the contractor returns to complete the job to a better standard.


Item 3 – Highways. Information had been received from a member of the public that whilst the repairs to Deepdale Road had been made, one of the workmen had commented that it was unlikely to get sealed before Winter. This would make the work pointless.

Also it was noted that the repairs to the section of road between Monument Corner and Helmside had already begun to sink again. It was resolved that the Clerk would contact CCC Highways again for clarification on both these issues.


Item 13 – The Clerk reminded Councillors that should they have any new pecuniary interests, they needed to be declared before the audit on 22 September.


Chair and Member Announcements:

Further discussions had taken place with the Parrington family regarding the placement of a plaque in return for a donation of £500. It had been agreed that they would place a plaque on one of the existing seats on the Green.

It was noted that one of the picnic benches on the field below the car park had been damaged. It was thought this had been done by some children. It was resolved to have this bench repaired.

It was noted that the road surface on Dragon Croft (from the school up to Flintergill) was in a very bad state. This was more dangerous given the number of pedestrians that use this section of road. It was resolved that the Clerk would again report this for urgent repair.

Dales Railcards are currently on offer at half price at £7.50. Further, a Ranger ticket which allows unlimited travel on one day was also on offer at £15 (£10 if you have a Dales Railcard).


County and District Councillor Announcements:

None present.


Public Forum:

A question was asked regarding maintenance of benches that had been donated in memory of a deceased person, and whether the Parish Council asks for a donation towards the maintenance. It was agreed that the cost of this is borne by the Parish Council.

Discussion took place regarding the perceived inactivity surrounding the Rise Hill Mill site. It was noted that the Clerk had been trying to organise a meeting between the owners, SLDC, County and District Councillors and the Parish Council. A reply from SLDC had not been forthcoming and this would be chased up.

A question was asked regarding maintenance of the monument to Lucy Elam and who was responsible for this. It was agreed that the Parish Council is responsible and that a number of volunteers currently undertake this work.

Some discussion took place regarding the Sedgwick memorial fountain in the centre of the village and why the water did not run any longer. It was noted that the water does run, albeit only at a trickle. This was because the pressure had been turned right down due to some large water bills in the past. It was suggested that maybe business water rates would solve this problem.

It was reported that BT Superfast Broadband had become operational and members of the public within range of the cabinet could now place orders for Fibre Optic broadband.


Hyperfast Broadband for Dentdale and Garsdale:

The report from David Pilgrim had been circulated to everyone advising of the progress that had been made since last month.

It was noted that Dent Primary School was still scheduled to be live sometime in September/October of this year.

A question was asked whether all 4 places had been taken up on the proposed “Fibre Blowing” course, and whether this would mean that Dent would be in a position to blow its own fibre when the time came. This question could not be answered at the meeting and the Clerk will find out the answer for the next meeting.


Playing Field Committee:

A meeting of the Playing Field Committee had been held on 18 August and the minutes were circulated to everyone.

It was noted that:

Councillor Tom Stafford had been appointed Chair following the retirement of Councillor Chris Evans.

Archery Club will not happen this year and will be looked at again next year.

The grass cutting contract had another year to run. However, having investigated this before the meeting the Clerk noted that in fact the contract was to finish at the end of 2016. The tender process would commence in January.

The Sheep Show Committee wished for some clarification on walling in lieu of payment for use of the field. They wished for the agreement to be amended to 4 metres of walling per year (this was worth over £100). They would also complete 8 metres this year in respect of the shows in 2015 and 2016. It was agreed that the Eastern wall behind the pavilion was in most urgent need of repair. It was resolved that this proposal was acceptable and should commence immediately.



Parking on Dragon Croft:

A reply had been received from Cumbria County Council with its recommendations for Dragon Croft.

These were:

Raising of Residents Only parking signs so that they could be seen even when cars were parked. This would require new poles to be fitted and the cost of this would be in the region of £850.

The area marked “Keep Clear” at the top corner of the green could not be changed to yellow lines without and official Traffic Regulation Order. On balance CCC thought that it should remain as an advisory notice as it is at present.

To try to prevent drivers following their sat nav's and driving down Dragon's Croft and reaching the narrow section of road we do have a possible option to suggest.  It would be possible to install a sign indicating 'local access only do not follow sat nav'.  This sign would still be advisory but for people who don't know the area it may well be useful and deter use.  The cost would be approximately £600.00.

It was resolved to ask County Councillor Nick Cotton and District Councillors Kevin Lancaster and Mel Mackie if they could provide any funding towards the cost of these improvements before proceeding.


Motor Rally Event:

The Devils Own Rally will take place on 08 October 2016 and passes through our dale from Barbon entry and westwards, not entering the village. It was resolved that there would be no objection to this.






The following payments were authorised:

Scott Thornley (Admin and Clerks Expenses)                                     £5.00
United Utilities (Car Park Water and Wastewater)                                 £188.45
Steve Bramall (Domain Renewal and Website Hosting)





14.1 Applications

5012 HOP – Pre-Consultation on Proposed Telecommunication Mast Site at farm building at Low Chapel, Dent. It was resolved to fully support this application.


14.2 Decisions

S/01/268A at Well Head, Dent – Full planning permission for works to existing outbuilding to form bedroom and ancillary accommodation. (Granted with Conditions)


15.1 Close:

The meeting closed at 20.45


15.2 Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Monday 03 October 2016 at 7.30pm in the Sedgwick Room, Dent.


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Dent is situated in a quiet corner of Cumbria but inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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There are many Community groups to be involved with in Dentdale to suit all tastes.

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The Dentdale Parish Council is a very active group managing the affairs of the valley with regular meetings and events.

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