• Welcome to Dentdale

    Welcome to Dentdale

    A Place of tranquility but with a vibrant Community

  • Peaceful, quiet roads

    Peaceful, secluded roads

    You will have space to breathe in Dentdale. It is an excellent location for cycling, walking and running.

  • Wild open Countryside

    Wild open Countryside

    If wandering across miles of open, wild countryside is your thing, Dentdale has it in abundance.

  • Dent Railway Station

    Dent Railway Station

    The famous Dent Railway Station is the highest in the country and a beautiful place to visit.

  • Railway viaduct

    Settle to Carlisle Railway

    The famous settle to Carlisle railway runs through the heart of the valley.

  • Dent Music and Beer Festival

    Dent Music and Beer Festival

    The annual Dent Music and Beer Festival always draws in the crowds.

Dent with Cowgill Parish Council Accounts 2016/17


Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Audit Return


If you have any questions or if you require to view the full accounts please contact the Clerk on 01539766464.





Dent Parish Council Members 2017/18


Councillors Tel: email Address
Graham Dalton  015396 25436 gdalton150@btinternet.com Flintergill House Dent Sedbergh LA10 5QR
Rita Corpe 015396 25594 ritabillcorpe@googlemail.com Eastview, Beech Hill Dent Sedbergh LA10 5QN
Chris Evans  015396 25479 chris@chrisevans.co.uk High Haycote Gawthrop Sedbergh LA10 5QH
Jenny Pilgrim  015396 25589  jenny.pilgrim@btinternet.com Cowgill Grange Cowgill Sedbergh LA10 5RF
Geoffrey Woof   07812 384640 geoffreywoof@yahoo.co.uk Mill Beck Dent Sedbergh LA10 5TB
Ian Mitchell 07530 602234 ininmitch@hotmail.co.uk 1, Glebe Fold Dent Sedbergh LA10 5QA
Danny Smith 07980 722305 danny@dalescomputing.co.uk Mill Cottage, Main Street Dent Sedbergh LA10 5QL
Martyn Knapton 07572 020659 mknapton_18@hotmail.co.uk Laning View, Laning Dent Sedbergh LA10 5QJ
Scott Thornley 01539 766464 dentparishclerk@live.com Meadow View Barn, Main Street Dent Sedbergh LA10 5QL
District Councillors            
Kevin Lancaster 07980 844695 kevin@sarthwaite.com Fellgate Dowbiggin Sedbergh LA10 5LS
Mel Mackie 015242 71644 mel.mac@uwclub.net Beech Cottage High Casterton Kirkby Lonsdale LA6 2SD
County  & District Councillor          
Nick Cotton 015242 71477 red.pedal@virgin.net Sarum House Biggins Road Kirkby Lonsdale LA6 2HL
Member of Parliament            
Tim Farron 015397 23403 tim@timfarron.co.uk Acland House Yard 2 , Stricklandgate Kendal LA9  4ND
Constituency Office            


Please click here to see members declarations of interest on the SLDC website

NB Dent with Cowgill Parish Council is not responsible for content on external websites.



Dent with Cowgill Parish Council News

Here you will find all the latest news from the Parish Council.

Audit Return 2016/17

The audit of Parish Council affairs for 2016/17 has now been completed and all the relevant documents can be found below

Audit Return



Dent With Cowgill Parish Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Dent with Cowgill Parish Council meets 11 times per year (there is no meeting in January). Here you will find Agendas and Minutes for all of the councils meetings.



February 2018 DRAFT Minutes

February 2018 Agenda


December 2017 DRAFT Minutes

December 2017 Agenda

November 2017 Confirmed Minutes

November 2017 Agenda

October 2017 Confirmed Minutes

October 2017 Agenda

September 2017 Confirmed Minutes

September 2017 Agenda

August 2017 Draft Minutes

August 2017 Agenda

July 2017 Confirmed Minutes

July 2017 Agenda

June 2017 Confirmed Minutes

June 2017 Agenda

May 2017 Confirmed Minutes

May 2017 Agenda

April 2017 Confirmed Minutes

April 2017 Agenda

Annual Parish Meeting Confirmed Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

March 2017 Confirmed Minutes

March 2017 Agenda

February 2017 Confirmed Minutes

February 2017 Agenda


December 2016 Confirmed Minutes

December 2016 Agenda

November 2016 Confirmed Minutes

November 2016 Agenda

October 2016 Confirmed Minutes

October 2016 Agenda

September 2016 Confirmed Minutes

September 2016 Agenda

August 2016 Confirmed Minutes

August 2016 Agenda

July 2016 Confirmed Minutes

July 2016 Agenda

June 2016 Confirmed Minutes

June 2016 Agenda

May 2016 Annual Parish Council Meeting Confirmed Minutes

May 2016 Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda

April 2016 Confirmed Minutes

April 2016 Agenda

April 2016 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

March 2016 Confirmed Minutes

March 2016 Agenda

February 2016 Confirmed Minutes

February 2016 Agenda





Upcoming Events

Dent is situated in a quiet corner of Cumbria but inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Finding Dent

There are many Community groups to be involved with in Dentdale to suit all tastes.

Dent Community

The Dentdale Parish Council is a very active group managing the affairs of the valley with regular meetings and events.

Parish Council

There are a wide range of Accommodation providers in the valley from B&B to Camp-sites.