To be presented for acceptance at the Parish Council Meeting on 05 September 2016

Agenda Item


Councillors Graham Dalton, Chris Evans, Tom Stafford, Geoffrey Woof, Rita Corpe, Jenny Pilgrim, Danny Smith, Martyn Knapton and Ian Mitchell.

County Councillor Nick Cotton

District Councillors Kevin Lancaster and Mel Mackie.

The meeting opened at 7.30pm.


Outstanding Bridge Repairs:

A summary of all the outstanding bridge repairs was given and the meeting then heard from David Lang, Interim Highways Network Manager, regarding the outstanding bridge repair work. David gave some background information regarding the state of all bridges in the county post Storm Desmond and advised that the “smaller” bridges were being dealt with by in house teams at CCC.

Stonehouse Bridge - David advised that a stonemason had been assigned to produce new coping stones for Stonehouse Bridge and that this would commence ASAP. However, permission would have to be sought again from YDNPA with regard to the latest damage. Also, Environment Agency consent would be required to erect scaffolding in the river, which was required to keep the road live. An ecologist has been engaged in an attempt to ensure this consent goes through as quickly as possible.

Barth Bridge – An underwater diving contractor has been engaged to deal with the scour caused by Storm Desmond. Environment Agency consent will again be required to erect scaffolding in the river; the same ecologist will help to ensure this is again quick.

Cowgill Bridge – YDNPA approval is required for the mortar and quality of pointing. David advised that there is currently a contractor working on a bridge in Barbon and if the YDNPA approve this work the same contractor will be appointed to Cowgill Bridge.

Church Bridge – Will be inspected ASAP. Again, YDNPA approval will be required.

The question was asked if the work to Barth Bridge promised before the end of September will still happen and David advised that subject to the relevant consents this would happen.

Concern was expressed regarding some parts of the roads falling into the river, in particular just past Barth Bridge and at Cowgill Bridge. David asked for a list of all such defects to be emailed to him along with the contact details for Richard Graham at YDNPA. The clerk will send these details.

A question was asked regarding contract compliance as it seems that the same locations need repairing again and again. It was noted that the Better Highways team used to perform maintenance checks but that these were now effectively dealt with by the same team as carried out the repair. David advised he would check with Peter Hosking at CCC what was happening with this.

Further concern was raised regarding the retaining wall at Hoods House and David agreed that this should be surveyed ASAP and asked for the clerk to send him the exact location.

David agreed to attend the PC meeting every month to keep the council updated on all of these works which was welcomed by everyone in attendance.

David was thanked for his attendance and input and he left the meeting.



Apologies for absence:



Minutes of the last meeting:

The minutes of the meeting on 04 July were received and approved. Councillor Dalton duly signed a copy.


Declarations of Interest:



Outstanding Bridge Repairs

This item covered at start of meeting.


Clerks Report:

The clerks report was submitted and accepted. Further discussion took place surrounding:

Item 11 – A member of the public advised that the drain just east of Scotchergill was full to the top after the recent heavy downpour. It was agreed that the subject of drain clearance and Bill Hartley’s proposal would be added to the agenda for September.

Item 16 – It was noted that that all Ash trees growing in the hedgerow and verge would need cutting back from the bottom and that this was not the responsibility of CCC. Also, there needed to be a whole re-assessment of the timing of hedge cutting. The clerk will make further enquiries of CCC.

Item 17 – It was noted that Lyon equipment were reluctant to be part of a meeting to resolve the situation regarding Rise Hill Mill, as it may compromise their relationship with the sales agents. Councillor Dalton to make further enquiries of them. District Councillor Lancaster noted that he could only make the 19th August out of the dates that had been suggested.

The clerk advised he had received a letter from the Sheep Show committee after publication of his report. The letter noted that the committee considered they were up to date with their walling commitments and requested use of the playing field for this year’s show. It was resolved that the clerk would write to the committee advising that use of the field would be granted but to ask for clarification on what walling had been done since last year and what walling would be done after this year’s show.


The clerk had received a letter from SLDC advising that kerbside recycling of plastic and cardboard would begin later this month once new recycling bags had been delivered.


Chair and Member Announcements:



County and District Councillor Announcements:

County Councillor Nick Cotton advised that today is the day that the YDNP expands to take in 28% of Cumbria.


Public Forum:

Concern was expressed regarding Barth Bridge being closed again. Emergency service vehicles and other large vehicles would not be able to get to the village easily using either the back road from Rash to Gawthrop or Flood Lane. It was also noted that Highways had done nothing regarding Barth Bridge and it was now costing thousands of pounds.

It was also noted that on the back road below Dillicar, the river was beginning to undermine the road. This will be added to the list the clerk sends to David Lang.

A member of the public expressed that it was good to see some of the Dale’s younger residents on the council.


Hyperfast Broadband for Dentdale and Garsdale:

The report from David Pilgrim had been circulated to everyone advising of the progress that had been made since last month.

It was noted that Dent Primary school should be live sometime in September/October of this year.

It was advised that CALC had been contacted with regard to the clerk helping with the B4RN project. CALC had advised that this would not impact on the impartiality of the clerk. It was noted that a lot of the controversy had gone from this issue as BT were now supplying Fibre Optic on a commercial basis.

David Wright advised that he is coordinating planning for “Dent Town” and he needed help from people living in the village. David was asked if the red area on the map included in the report would be fed from the Node at Dent School. David advised that the part of the red area would be fed from a chamber situated next to the Node.

A further question was asked whether any of the ducting would be fixed in an aerial position. David answered that this may be the case but that all core ducting would be underground.

David further advised that the cost of £150 connection would only be available while the B4RN team is here. Once they had gone full commercial rates would apply to anyone wishing to connect after this.


Working Groups and Committees:

A list of current membership of working groups and committees was circulated and discussed.

It was resolved that:

Councillor Woof would resign from the Grammar School Committee to be replaced by Councillor Mitchell.

Councillor Evans would resign from the Playing Field Committee to be replaced by Councillor Mitchell.

Councillor Dalton would resign from the Memorial Hall Committee to be replaced by Councillor Smith.

Councillor Knapton would join the Planning Committee which was a member short.




It was advised that the meeting in Sedbergh was very much focused on Sedbergh. The consultation is still open for comments and District Councillor Lancaster agreed to keep the council informed of any developments. Concern was expressed that the River Dee was supposed to be dredged just north of Barth Bridge around 4 years ago and that this never happened. The shingle bank in this area is now so large that the river is undermining the road. The shingle bank at Church Bridge was also very large and threatening the bridge. County Councillor Nick Cotton will send details of the people to contact so that representations can be made by the clerk in consultation with Councillor Woof.

A member of the public, David Wright, advised that he was a member of the Lune Rivers Trust who meet every 6 weeks with the Environment Agency. He advised that the Environment Agency had only given permission for the removal of dry shingle from the rivers.



The following payments were authorised:

Kevin Puncher (Replacement lock in Gents toilets) £32.00
EON (Street Lighting Q1 2016) £27.69
Scott Thornley (Admin and Clerk’s Expenses) £9.80
Dent Memorial Hall (Room Hire) £31.25
Dent Stores (Car Park Consumables) £52.65
John Hyde (Keys for new lock) £7.50
SLCC Subscriptions (2016-2017) £128.00
Graham Bradley (Signs Maintenance) £40.00



12.1 Applications

S/01/88B/LB at Low Ground, Dent - listed building consent for dismantling and rebuilding chimney stack and replacing roof covering.(Support)

S/01/88A at Low Ground Cottage, Dent - full planning permission for dismantling and rebuilding chimney stack and replacing roof covering.(Support)

S/01/282 at Rigg End, Deepdale, Sedbergh - full planning permission for installation of EE telecommunications apparatus comprising 15 metre mast and antennas, ancillary equipment cabins, fenced compound, area of hard standing and new 10 metre access track (Support)

S/01/277 - Land at Helmside, Dent - full planning permission for erection of agricultural building for housing stock and for storage of feed and machinery (Support – see note below)

S/01/108C/LB at Broadfield Farm Cottage, Dent - listed building consent for replacement of eight windows on the south east facing aspect of the property with double glazed windows. (Withdrawn)

S/01/241A at Whernside Great Allotment, Dent – further details received regarding placement of bog mats.(Support)

Further discussion took place regarding S/01/277 – Land at Helmside. It was considered that the building maybe too close to the road. It was decided that the planned hedging would significantly obscure the building.



23.1 Close:

The meeting closed at 21.20


23.2 Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Monday 05 September 2016 at 7.30pm in the Sedgwick Room, Dent.