Playing field committee

18th August 2016

7.30 pm Reading Room

Present: Keith Burrow, Peter Moorby, Jill Mitchell, Tom Stafford

Apologies: John Hyde Ian Mitchell

1. Election of a chair

Tom Stafford was elected as Chair

2. Approve minutes of the last meeting


3. Archery

Tom Stafford reported that the contact for the potential archery club has expressed disappointment but the club will not hold its first meeting this year, it is hoped that it will begin activities in 2017.

4. Walling

It was agreed amongst members that the arrangement whereby the sheep show provide walling for the field in lieu of a days rent for the field represents good value. However it was noted that the amount of walling that is being expected of the sheep show each year may be excessive. It was thought fair that repair to a length of walling of 4 meters per year would be a reasonable guide to enable this arrangement to carry on sustainably. This will be taken to the parish council for comments and potential approval in principal.

Keith Burrow reported that the sheep show were one year behind in their walling repairs. They would look to work on 8 meters of walling in the coming months to pay for both last years and this years shows, if the council approved.

5. Fences

Peter Moorby reported that he has repaired the fence adjoining the dales way. The committee thanked him for his efforts.

6. Grass Cutting

As the grass cutting contract has one more year to run it was agreed to begin the tender process in 2017.

7. Any Other Business

No other business raised

8. Scheduling for future meetings

It was agreed to carry on with holding regular meetings every three months but with any member able to call an extra meeting if anything of importance came up.