Meeting of Dent Parish Council - 01 June 2015


To be presented for acceptance at the Parish Council Meeting on 06 July 2015

Agenda Item


Councillors Tom Stafford (Vice-Chair), Rita Corpe, Chris Evans, Jenny Pilgrim,

Scott Thornley and Geoffrey Woof.


District Councillor Mel Mackie.  


The meeting opened at 7.32pm.




Councillor Graham Dalton.   

County & District Councillor Nick Cotton.

District Councillor Kevin Lancaster.




The minutes of the meeting of the Annual Parish Council meeting of Monday 11 May 2015 were received and signed as a true and accurate record.



Policing Issues:

3.1 A report was received from PCSO Mandy Coleman. 

Further information was given on policing matters within the Parish:-

3.2 On 25 May 2015 a resident had reported a suspicious person and vehicle following an incident where a man had asked to buy the complainant’s vehicle. Details have been recorded for intelligence purposes.

3.3 Residents are encouraged to continue to contact the police on 101 if they see anything suspicious within the area. If a vehicle is involved the registered number should be recorded where practicable to assist the police to investigate the incident.

3.4 It is appreciated that Dent lies close to two separate County boundaries and PCSO Coleman wished to assure residents that Cumbria Police shares its intelligence with both Lancashire and North Yorkshire colleagues. Additionally, periodic joint operations are undertaken involving all three police forces in the continuing fight against rural crime.

3.5 PCSO Coleman was thanked for her attendance and left the meeting at 7.50pm.



Declarations of Interest:

Councillor Tom Stafford in respect of item 15.2 Planning Decision S/01/154A, nos, 1-7 Glebe Fold, Dent. Interest declared as a resident of Glebe Fold. No further action required as this was notice only of a YDNPA decision. 



Clerk’s Report:

5.1 The Clerk’s report was presented and accepted. Further information was given on:-

5.2 (Item 1)  Michael Pulford of the Yorkshire Ridings Society was informed of the Parish Council’s decision to accept his offer to read the Yorkshire Declaration in Dent on Yorkshire Day, Saturday 01 August 2015. The time of the reading has now been confirmed as 11.40am at the Sedgwick stone in Main Street. The timing is set to coincide with the passing of 1140 years since Yorkshire was first referred to in the Anglo Saxon Chronicles of 875.

5.3 (Item 9) Following the last Parish Council meeting a letter had been sent to Chris Jarvis who leads the Economic Development Team at SLDC. The letter requests further information on SLDC’s possible joint venture with Lyon Equipment to regenerate the Rise Hill site. Chris Jarvis is expected to undertake a site visit at Rise Hill week commencing 01 June 2015. A reply is awaited.

5.4 (Item 12) Correspondence had been received from Monica Cleasby concerning trees which need attention in St Andrew’s Churchyard. A response had been made with a contact point at YDNPA in order that a request can be made for the National Park Woodland Officer to attend the Churchyard to offer advice on the health of the trees. The Parish Council has previously received excellent advice from the Woodland Officer. Additionally, a practical guide had been forwarded to the correspondent detailing the Responsible Care For Churchyards which was originally produced by the Church Commissioners’ Pastoral Division in 1993. 

5.5 (item 13) Cumbria Tourism had recently hosted a journalist from the Independent newspaper who undertook the Lakes and Dales Cycleway. An article covering the route will feature in the newspaper in July. It is anticipated that Cumbria Tourism will shortly host a journalist from The Sun newspaper to promote Dentdale in its series of ‘hidden escapes’.



Chair and Member Announcements:

Councillor Rita Corpe had noted the poor standard of grass cutting in the old closed section of St Andrew’s Churchyard for which South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) has responsibility. It was resolved that SLDC should be contacted and a complaint raised concerning the standard of grass cutting in the closed section of the Churchyard with a request for the Council to undertake remedial action.



County and District Councillor Announcements:

7.1 Councillor Tom Stafford (Vice Chair) welcomed District Councillor Mel Mackie following his success in the District Council election in May.

7.2 Councillor Mel Mackie wished to assure members that he would serve the Parish to the best of his ability during his term of office. He had noted the demise of the former Lyon Equipment site and offered to make further enquiries with SLDC in respect of its current work concerning future development at Rise Hill. It was resolved that Councillor Mackie would liaise with the SLDC Economic Development Team to ascertain further information on the District Council’s strategy for the Rise Hill site.



Public Forum:

8.1 A complaint was raised concerning the poor state of the U5506 road Dent to Deepdale section in relation to the number of pot holes currently affecting road users. It was resolved that following an offer from a Deepdale resident the Clerk will await specific information on the exact location of the defects before submitting a complaint to CCC Highways.

8.2 Councillor Chris Evans stated that the road defect at Haycock Bridge, Gawthrop, remained outstanding. It was resolved that the Clerk would re-submit the complaint to CCC Highways.



8.3 Councillor Jenny Pilgrim reported that a previous complaint of a pot hole on the C5101 near to Hudd’s House had not been repaired satisfactory and still constitutes a danger to the public. It was resolved that the Clerk would re-submit the complaint to CCC Highways for further investigation and action.

8.4 A further complaint was also made concerning the damage to the surface on both sides of the road between Lime Kiln and Greenwell. It was resolved that more specific information was required prior to report to CCC Highways which the Clerk would investigate.



Local Area Partnership:

9.1 The minutes of the meeting of Tuesday 19 May 2015 were received.

9.2 Councillor Rita Corpe noted at minute number 4 that the CCC Highways Area Steward had not been seen in the Parish for some time. The Clerk reported that whilst Jo Parker, CCC Senior Highway Technician, is an effective communication point the Area Steward who is responsible for all complaints of road defects in the Parish does not contact the Parish Council for information or to update on the progress of current complaints. Many of the complaints are submitted directly to CCC Highways from the Parish Council. It is considered that improved communication by the Area Steward with the Parish Council would assist with local knowledge on specific complaints leading to a more effective and efficient service.    

9.3 Members considered item 7 of the minutes which made reference to Fibre Garden. The Council was concerned about the lack of progress in recent weeks by the construction team. It was resolved that District Councillor Mel Mackie would make contact with Fibre Garden for a position statement and update on the progress of the project.



Playing Field Committee:

10.1 A report together with the minutes of the meeting of Thursday 14 May 2015 were received.

10.2 It had been noted that the YDNPA Rangers had repaired the fence between the Playing Field and the Diver Dee.

10.3 The First Responders annual summer meeting will be held at the Playing Field.

10.4 Peter Moorby had kindly repaired a barge board and damage to the roof felting on the river side of the pavilion. Councillor Chris Evans expressed the Committee’s appreciation for his work. 


Parish Council Vacancies:

11.1 It was highlighted that two Parish Council vacancies remained outstanding, one for the Dent ward and one for the Cowgill ward. The Clerk had been in discussion with SLDC Democratic Services concerning the vacancies from where it was recommended   the vacancies should be advertised within the Parish to alert any interested and eligible individuals who may wish to make application.

11.2 It was resolved that the vacancies should be advertised on both the Dent and Cowgill notice boards with immediate effect until Friday 26 June 2015. It was agreed to hold one application which had already been received until the conclusion of the advertising period in order that the application and any further applications may be considered together.




Staff Pensions:

12.1 A report was received on the Council’s obligations in respect of the provision of staff pensions. The Pensions Act 2008 included reforms aimed at enabling and encouraging more people to build up a private pension to supplement their state pension.

12.2 The mandatory ‘staging date’ for the Council to commence its enrolment duties and pension provision is 01 July 2016.

12.3 Members considered the three categories of employees under the regulations and their relevance to current Council employees.  

12.4 It was resolved that the Council should proceed with arrangements for the staging date of 01 July 2016 using the National Employment Saving Trust (NEST) scheme and that the financial implications for the Council should be considered in the 2016-2017 budget due for review in November 2015.



Internal Audit Report:

13.1 The 2014/2015 internal audit report was received and accepted. There were no areas of concern raised within the report.

13.2 It was resolved that the annual return and all relevant documentation should now be forwarded to the external auditor for review.



Payments authorised:

E.on  (car park electricity – May 2015)


John Hyde (flowers for car park)


A. Stephenson (administration & Clerk’s expenses May 2015)


United Utilities (car park water & wastewater – May 2015)


Colin Robertshaw (internal Audit 2014/15)


Cale Briparc (car park ticket machine maintenance contract)


Staples (office internet security 2015/16 and stationary)


City Electrical Factors (LED bulbs for street lights)






15.1 New Applications:



15.2 Decisions – Approved with conditions:

S/01/266 - The Old Dam (formerly Ivy Cottage), Cowgill, erection of a single storey rear extension to create additional living accommodation.

S/01/265 – 6, Ghyllside, Dent, addition of rear porch.

S/01/154A – nos 1-7 Glebe Fold, Dent, installation of air source heat pump (5kw) to each property (retrospective).

S/01/224A – nos 6- 9 Flintergill Close, Dent, installation of air source heat pump (5kw) to each property (retrospective).

S/01/264 – West Cowgill, Cowgill, erection of detached single garage.

S/01/173C – High Chapel Barn, Dent, construction of garage and change of use of orchard to domestic.

S/01/126K/LB – Biggerside, Dent, listed building consent for replacement of windows with slim-line double glazed hardwood windows and internal alteration of bathroom, hall and staircase.


15.3 Planning Committee:

S/01/263 Winny’s Field, Dent Road, Sedbergh, application for construction of anaerobic digester and erection of associated barn and drying shed. This application will be considered by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) Planning Committee on Tuesday 09 June 2015.


15.4 Councillor Jenny Pilgrim had contacted the YDNPA Planning Service for guidance on whether or not it should be necessary for all properties to gain planning permission for the installation of air source heat pumps. A reply is awaited.



16.1 Close of Meeting:

The meeting closed at 8.34pm.

16.2 Next Meeting:

Monday 06 July 2015, 7.30pm, at St John’s Church, Cowgill.