Dent Playing Field

Dent Playing FieldThe playing field is owned by the Parish and is administered by the Parish Council. The Playing Field Committee is a sub-committee of the Council and consists of two Parish Councillors and several other members. As of July 2016 the members are:-

Parish Councillors       Tom Stafford (Chair) and Ian Mitchell

Other Members          Keith Burrow (Football Club), Jill Mitchell (Football Club),

                                    Peter Moorby, David Hunter, John Hyde.

Other help may be co-opted as and when needed.

The maintenance of the field is supervised by the Parish Council which includes the mowing and care of the grass.

As the location of the playing field is at the edge of Dent and is bordered by the River Dee, with Rise Hill as a background, and the village having two Public Houses, a village shop and cafes, this makes the Playing Field a very attractive location.

The field and the pavilion are available for hire by the public and are used for various events such as the Annual Sheep Show and the First Responders Annual Fund Raising Event each year.

Any interest that you may have in the Dent Playing Field may be communicated to one of the above members or any Councillor on the Parish Council.